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Born in 1977 near Paris - Live and work at Tours.





  • Exhibition and auction sale at DROUOT-Richelieu, Paris
  • Personal exhibition, Pavillon Charles X, Saint Cyr sur Loire
  • Birth of my son Maël !



  • 6th Beijing International Art Biennale (China)
  • Collective exhibition, China Cultural Center, Paris (France)
  • Collective exhibition, Beijing (China)
  • Collective exhibition, Center for Art and creation, Aulnay  1st edition (France)
  • Collective exhibition, the 11th International Cultural Industries Fair, Shenzhen (China)
  • Collective exhibition, The YISHU 8 house, Beijing (China)
  • Collective exhibition, the 7th International Art Industries Fair Qingdao (China)
  • Collective exhibition, Tao Art Gallery  Shangai (Chine)
  • Collective exhibition, Nowhite Cube, Tours (France)
  • Collective exhibition, Art Room, Tours (France)
  • Personal exhibition, Gallery « Le Passeur d'Art », Château d'Olonne (France)



  • Collective exhibition, Prince Gong's Palace, Beijing (China)

  • Art studio Opening, Bergerac (France)





  • Selected at the Spring Art Salon d'Aulnay to participate in several exhibitions in China : Beijing , Shenzhen , Qingdao , Shanghai.
  • Selected by the par la Biennal's jury of Beijing for the  Art symposium  «Dream and Memory »
  • Guest of honor at the exhibition 'May of arts', Bergerac


2014  Invited for the 50 years of Franco-Chinese friendship in the exhibition "The today's woman Artist", Prince Gong's Palace, Beijing

2010  Guest of honor at the exhibition organized by the collective " Art Etc ... " Château Le Gay, Artigues

2009  price to encourage the creation granted by the Academy of Fine Arts, Paris.

2007  Guest of honor at the exhibition organized by "Art and Culture" Castle Aramont, Verberie




2015-2016 Gallery Shang Qing Culture, Beijing

2011-2016  Gallery Le Passeur d'Art, Libourne (33), then Château d'Olonne (85)

2014 Gallery  Dufour, Amiens  (80)

2011-2016 Gallery du Passage, Périgueux (24)

2013-2015 Gallery Jacques Drougard, Luchon ( 31) 

2012-2013 Gallery Etyope, Bergerac (24)